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The creator's game : lacrosse, identity, and indigenous nationhood

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  • Author: Downey, Allan

    Lacrosse has been a central element of Indigenous cultures for centuries, but once non-Indigenous players entered the sport, it became a site of appropriation--then reclamation--of Indigenous identities. The Creator's Game focuses on the history of lacrosse in Indigenous communities from the 1860s to the 1990s, exploring Indigenous-non-Indigenous relations and Indigenous identity formation. While the game was being appropriated in the process of constructing a new identity for the nation-state of Canada, it was also being used by Indigenous peoples to resist residential school experiences, initiate pan-Indigenous political mobilization, and articulate Indigenous sovereignty. This engaging and innovative book provides a unique view of Indigenous self-determination and nationhood in the face of settler-colonialism.

    • Prologue. The Creator's Game
    • Introduction. A Trickster History of Lacrosse
    • 1. The Canadian Appropriation of Lacrosse and "Indian" Performances
    • 2. Colonizing the Creator's Game in Residential Schools
    • 3. Articulating Indigenous Nationhood on the West Coast
    • 4. Box Lacrosse and Redefining Political Activism during the Mid-twentieth Century
    • 5. Reclaiming the Creator's Game
    • Conclusion: A Trickster Ending.
    Original Publisher: Vancouver, BC, UBC Press
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9780774836029
    Collection(s)/Series: First Nation Communities Read 2019