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The boy on the beach : my family's escape from Syria and our hope for a new home

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  • Author: Kurdi, Tima

    "An intimate and poignant memoir about the family of Alan Kurdithe young Syrian boy who became the global emblem for the desperate plight of millions of Syrian refugeesand of the many extraordinary journeys the Kurdis have taken, spanning countries and continents. Alan Kurdis body washed up on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea on September 2, 2015, and overnight, the political became personal, as the world awoke to the reality of the Syrian refugee crisis. Tima Kurdi first saw the shocking photo of her nephew in her home in Vancouver, Canada. But Tima did not need a photo to understand the truthshe and her family had already been living it. In The Boy on the Beach, Tima recounts her idyllic childhood in Syria, where she grew up with her brother Abdullah and other siblings in a tightknit family. A strongwilled, independent woman, Tima studied to be a hairdresser and had dreams of seeing the world. At twentytwo, she emigrated to Canada, but much of her family remained in Damascus. Life as a single mother and immigrant in a new country wasnt always easy, and Tima recounts with heartwrenching honesty the anguish of being torn between a new home and the world shed left behind."-- Publisher.

    Original Publisher: Toronto, Simon and Schuster
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9781501175237
    Collection(s)/Series: Canada Reads 2019