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Volunteer with NNELS

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us!

Our volunteering projects are currently on hold. Please send us a note if you would like us to let you know when they are live once again.

We wouldn't be a network without all the people who make us, and public libraries, happen.

Here is a list of our volunteer projects:

1. Record an Audiobook for Kids: ON HOLD

Have you ever dreamt of recording an audiobook? Here's an opportunity to do just that! You'll work with your local library to borrow one of our audio recording kits, and record a children's book that will be available to readers with print disabilities all across Canada and possibly, someday, all around the world.

2. Review Kids' Picture Books for Audiobook Volunteers: ON HOLD

Do you enjoy reading kids' books? We sure do! But we can't read them all. Before a book can be recorded for the NNELS collection, we need to make sure the books are suited for audiorecordings. Sometimes we receive lists of books -- recommended reads for summer reading clubs, for example, or Governor General's Literary Award nominees -- and we need help deciding which ones to ask volunteers to record.

3. Provide Feedback on Sample Recordings: ON HOLD

Before people record their first children's picture book for NNELS, we ask them to send us a sample recording to make sure things are working properly (recording volume, enunciation, etc.).

4. Proof-Listen to Audiobooks: ON HOLD

Sometimes we receive or purchase books that need a listener to ensure there are no problems. Depending on your interest and skills, projects can include checking over volunteer-read books, revewing other new or converted books to check for obvious errors, or, for those interested in a more technical experience, editing audio files directly.