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Quarrels : prose poems

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  • Author: Joseph, Eve


    The poems in this collection reach for something other than truth, the marvelous. Leaves fall out of coat sleeves, Gandhi swims in Burrard Inlet. The poems are like empty coats from which the inhabitants have recently escaped, leaving behind images as clues to their identity. There are leaps between logics within the poems, and it is in these illogical spaces where everything comes together, like the uplift of the conductor’s hand to begin a piece of music where, as Arvo Part put it, the potential of the whole exists.

    • Machine generated contents note: Part One
    • train blew through
    • Now that I live
    • capon exploded
    • We met at a birthday party
    • rain has stopped
    • I rarely leave
    • You are floating
    • Where have all
    • Stranger to herself
    • My mother was
    • Frogs fell from the sky
    • I wait for snow
    • Light stutters down
    • Another day in paradise
    • She began with the idea
    • daughter of a
    • Because they said
    • You knock on the door
    • angel is an argument
    • Every day, from
    • Cockroaches swarmed over
    • In grade three
    • What do sailors
    • My mother took me
    • All sons go
    • caretaker rescues
    • My grandfather lay motionless
    • name I was given
    • Darkness arrives without
    • In grade school
    • I try to follow
    • People who suffer
    • poet keeps a jar
    • All afternoon an elephant
    • I'm three, she said
    • From time to time
    • Every word he wrote
    • five-year-old asks
    • In our basement
    • All morning wind
    • Prometheus is at it again
    • Since the stroke, I
    • After the flood, creation
    • My neighbour is a magician
    • Part Two
    • Five members of the monster
    • Child with a toy hand grenade
    • Kid in a hooded jacket
    • Jewish giant at home
    • Junior Interstate Ballroom
    • Identical twins, Roselle
    • backwards man
    • Windblown headline
    • Boy stepping off the curb
    • Jack Dracula at a bar
    • Woman carrying a child
    • Girl with a pointy hood
    • Part Three
    • Bear with me
    • Riding home
    • At ninety-one
    • He'll just slip away
    • Your lungs, those little sacs
    • In the living room
    • Floating on a makeshift
    • Gathered at your bedside
    • Like Baudelaire's moon
    • horses, when I.
    Original Publisher: Vancouver, B.C., Anvil Press Publishers
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9781772141191, 1772141194
    Collection(s)/Series: Griffin Poetry Prize 2019