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Loading Ebooks on Patrons' Devices

If possible, patrons and staff should use product websites or apps to read ebooks (whether borrowed from the library or purchased). However, many platforms do not meet the needs of print disabled readers. In these cases, print disabled readers or someone on their behalf (such as library staff) may remove digital locks in order to load the books onto another device or using different software.

Please note that this process has been fully tested for purchased ebooks, but not for library or rented ebooks. If you are having any issues, please contact us.

Similarly, if you have any suggestions for improvements or have found a simpler method to remove DRM from ebooks, please let us know.

Legal Note and Digital Locks on Audiobooks

These actions, specifically to help make books accessible for print disabled readers, are allowed under the Copyright Act Section 41.16.

While this means that digital locks may be removed from audiobooks as well, the process is more involved and may need further research depending on the platform. Please note that some platforms, such as OverDrive, do not have digital locks on their audiobooks, so may be transferred to other devices, loaded in other software, and burned onto CD without any further steps.

If you have questions about digital locks on audiobooks, please contact us.


  • Desktop or laptop (Windows or Mac; will not work on mobile devices)
  • Ability to install software on the computer.

Setup Process

  1. If these are not already installed on the computer (if you have used OverDrive ebooks, Kobo, or other ebook platforms, Digital Editions is likely already installed), please download them:
  2. To use Adobe Digital Editions, you will also need an Adobe ID (for library staff, consider creating a generic one for all staff to use).
  3. Install Digital Editions and enter your Adobe ID when prompted.
  4. Install calibre.
  5. Install the plugin, following the DeDRM installation instructions.

Unlocking Process

  1. Download the ebook from the website
  2. Open the downloaded .acrm file
  3. Let Adobe Digital Editions open and download the book.
  4. Check your "(My) Documents/Digital Edition" folder for your ebook file
  5. Open calibre.
  6. Import the ebook into calibre. (You can also drag and drop the file into calibre.)
  7. Allow calibre to load the book into its library.
  8. Right-click on the book title and choose "Open containing folder".

Calibre's copy of the ebook file that you see in this folder should be unlocked and can be used in other programs or devices.