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Eighty-Five popular BC audiobooks released in accessible formats for free

Vancouver and Burnaby, BC
Friday, August 7, 2015

Today, the National Network for Equitable Library Service (NNELS) and Public Library InterLINK are thrilled to release 85 human-narrated, BC-authored audiobooks in accessible formats for people with print disabilities.

Originally recorded by Public Library InterLINK on large format tape reels, these titles are now once again available to readers in MP3 format on Public Library InterLINK Chair John Schaub said “InterLINK is pleased to have these popular titles available again in formats accessible to modern devices.”

Several agencies were involved in the production of these titles. With thanks to funding from Libraries Branch, BC Ministry of Education, conversion expertise provided by Lifetime Heritage Films and project management by the BC Libraries Cooperative, these popular BC classics are now available – for free - for future generations to enjoy.  

The complete list of titles is attached to this release. To access the collection, please visit

About The National Network for Equitable Library Service (NNELS)

NNELS is a digital public library of downloadable titles for people in Canada with perceptual disabilities. It is also a growing network of provincial and territorial governments, readers, community and advocacy organizations, librarians, publishers, and accessible format producers from across the country, all working together to increase access to Canadian libraries' collections of print material. NNELS is funded and supported by the provincial governments of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Yukon. Please visit for more information.

About Public Library InterLINK

Public Library InterLINK is a federation of eighteen public libraries located in Greater Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, the Sunshine Coast, and Whistler-Pemberton-Lillooet regions. Since 1994, InterLINK has worked with its 18 member libraries to coordinate specific library services and collaborative programs.

Media contacts:

National Network for Equitable Library Service:
Ben Hyman, Executive Director, BC Libraries Cooperative
T: 1 855 383 5761 x1001 E:

Public Library InterLINK:
Michael Burris, Executive Director
T: 604 437 8441 E:


Titles Released

  • Barman, Jean – The remarkable adventures of "Portuguese Joe" Silvey
  • Bolan, Kim – Loss of faith: how the Air-India bombers got away with murder
  • Boudreau, Jack – Mountains, campfires and memories
  • Bridge, Kathryn – Phyllis Munday
  • Bridge, Kathryn Anne – By snowshoe, buckboard and steamer: women on the frontier
  • British Columbia Ministry of Health – Healthy eating for seniors
  • Carey, Betty Lowman – Bijaboji
  • Christy, Jim – Scalawags: rogues, roustabouts, wags & scamps- brazen ne’er-do-wells through the ages
  • Coates, Ken & Morrison, Bill – The sinking of the Princess Sophia: taking the north down with her
  • Coffey, Maria – Sailing back in time
  • Collier, Eric – Three against the wilderness
  • Converse, Cathy – Following the curve of time: the legendary M. Wylie Blanchet
  • Coupland, Douglas & Others – The Vancouver stories: West Coast fiction from Canada's best writers
  • Craig, Wallace Gilby – Short pants to striped trousers: the life and times of a judge in skid road Vancouver
  • Cruise, David & Griffiths, Alison – Vancouver: a novel
  • Czajkowski, Chris – Snowshoes and Spotted Dick: letters from a wilderness dweller
  • Czajkowski, Chris – Lonesome: memoirs of a wilderness dog
  • Czajkowski, Chris – Wildfire in the wilderness
  • Czajkowski, Chris – A mountain year: nature diary of a wilderness dweller
  • Dawson, Reginald – Hope and forty acres: a Nelson memoir
  • Deverell, William – April fool
  • Easton, Don – Above ground
  • Forscutt, Ken – Bush pilot's mayday: bush pilot's journal, Book 1
  • Forsythe, Mark – The trail of 1858: British Columbia's Gold Rush Past
  • Francis, Daniel and Hewlett, Gil – Operation orca: Springer, Luna and the struggle to save west coast killer whales
  • Fraser, Gail – The Lumby Lines
  • Fraser, Gail – Lumby's bounty
  • Fraser, Gail – Stealing Lumby
  • Freir, Pam – Laughing with my mouth full: tales from a Gulf Islands kitchen
  • Gallaher, Bill – The journey: The overlander's quest for gold
  • Gaston, Bill – Sointula
  • Godfrey, Rebecca – Under the bridge: the true story of the murder of Reena Virk
  • Gordon, Katherine – A curious life: the biography of Princess Peggy Abkhazi
  • Gray, Andrew – Small accidents
  • Harcourt, Mike & Lekich, John – Plan B: one man's journey from tragedy to triumph
  • Hauka, Donald J. – McGowan's war
  • Henderson, Bob – In the land of the red goat
  • Holmes, Leslie W. & Bruce L. Northorp – Where shadows linger
  • Hume, Stephen – Lilies and fireweed: frontier women of British Columbia
  • Hume, Stephen – Simon Fraser: in search of modern British Columbia
  • Hutchison, Katy – Walking after midnight: One woman's journey through murder, justice and forgiveness
  • Innes, Roy – Murder in the Monashees
  • Innes, Roy – West End murders
  • Jamieson, Eric – Tragedy at Second Narrows: the story of the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge
  • Jenkins, Phil – Beneath my feet
  • Johnson, Peter – Voyages of hope: The saga of the bride ships
  • Kalla, Daniel – Pandemic
  • Keene, Thelma Ruck – The handkerchief drawer
  • Kendrick, John – People of the snow: the story of Kitimat
  • Kluckner, Michael – Vanishing British Columbia
  • Knighton, Ryan – Cockeyed: A memoir
  • Kogawa, Joy – Obasan
  • Lane, Patrick – There is a season: a memoir in a garden
  • Lee, Jen Sookfong – The end of East
  • Levy, Paul E. – River Queen: The amazing story of tugboat titan Lucille Johnstone
  • Lyon, Annabel – The best thing for you
  • MacKinnon, J.B. – Dead man in paradise
  • Mason, Adrienne – Tales from the West Coast: Smugglers, sea monsters and other stories
  • McAllister, Ian – The Last wild wolves: ghosts of the Great Bear Rainforest
  • McCardell, Mike – The Blue flames that keep us warm: Mike McCardell's favourite stories
  • McDonald, Ellen – Little come-by-chance
  • Mitchell, Margaret – No laughing matter: adventure, activism and politics
  • Nicol, Eric – Old is in: A guide for aging boomers
  • Onley, Toni and Strong, Gregory – Flying colours: The Toni Onley story
  • Perrin, Dr. David – Never say die: new adventures from the country vet
  • Pervin, Arlene – Kootenay tales: historical glimpses of the past
  • Phillips, Diana – Beyond the Chilcotin: on the Home Ranch with Pan Phillips
  • Plecas, Bob – Bill Bennett: a mandarin's view
  • Poole, Michael – Rain before morning
  • Richardson, Bill – Dear sad goat
  • Schroeder, Adam Lewis – Empress of Asia
  • Scoones, Anny – Home and away: More tales of a heritage farm
  • Scoones, Anny – Home: Tales of a heritage farm
  • Scott, Marianne – Naturally salty: coastal characters of the Pacific Northwest
  • Smedman, Lisa – Vancouver: stories of a city: a history of Vancouver's neighbourhoods and the people who built them
  • St. Pierre, Paul – Old enough to know better
  • Stouck, David – Ethel Wilson: a critical biography
  • Thien, Madeleine – Certainty
  • Town, Florida Ann – Before the road came
  • Twigg, Alan – First invaders: the literary origins of British Columbia
  • Vaillant, John – The golden spruce
  • Whyte, Jack – Knights of the black and white
  • Williams, Maurice – Myra's men: building the Kettle Valley Railway, Myra Canyon to Penticton
  • Woodcock, Donald L. – The world outside
  • Young, Terence – After Goodlake's
  • Zuehlke, Mark – Carry tiger to mountain