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Where can I find more braille books?

The distributed braille collection in NNELS is one place to start: anything you find in this collection can be sent to any public library in Canada.

Many Canadian public libraries, especially urban and regional systems, have hardcopy braille collections. And many of the items in these collections are available for other libraries to borrow through interlibrary loan.

To find out what books other libraries have in their collections, search their online catalogues and try limiting the search results to braille formats. Not all libraries have braille books!

If you find something you would like to borrow, please contact your local public library. Staff there will know what to do, and will be able to find out if the owning library is willing to lend the book through interlibrary loan Not all libraries are willing to share all formats, so don't get discouraged if you don't find what you're looking for the first time.